Custom Retail Packaging Technical Information Guide

The following topics offer detailed technical information about custom sretail packaging and shopping bags.

General Information

·Glossary of Packaging Terms

Base Materials

·Paper & Pulp Glossary of Terms

·Corrugated Cardboard

·Custom Signature Base Papers

·Domestic Paper Chart

·Domestic Stock Papers

·International Papers For Bags and Boxes

·Kraft Papers for Packaging

·Recycled Papers for Packaging

·Non-Woven Materials

·Plastic Bag Base Materials

Printing & Artwork

·Printing Techniques

·Machine Made Shopping Bags (Roll-to-Roll)

·Art Requirements for 4-Color Process Printing

·Proofing Options

·Color Control




Handle Styles

·Shopping Bag Handle Style Gallery


·Simplex Folding Box Style

Producing memorable packaging requires more than just innovative design or an out of the ordinary idea.Ingopak Retail Packaging Design Elements is a collection of inspiration, tools, technical know-how and solutions gathered over 20 years of experience.

Value Engineering: Packaging Tips to Save Money or Meet Budget


Producing retail packaging on a budget should never negatively impact the quality of your custom program. Learn how to save money without sacrificing style or making a positive, memorable impact on your consumer.






Value Engineering

Value Engineering: How to Maximize ROI on Your Custom Packaging Investment!

Minimizing the Ecological Footprint of Retail Packaging



A truly environmentally friendly packaging program can seem like a difficult task to achieve. Understanding common problems and their solutions will make reducing the environmental impact of your retail packaging easier than you think.



ECO-Friendly Retail Packaging Articles

7 Steps to "Get Real" with Environmentally Conscious Retail Packaging.

Environmental Evaluation Guide Shopping Bag Base Materials: ECO Truth Series

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Issues and Sustainability

Recycled Paper